5 Ways Your HVAC Company's Website Can Generate More Business

The HVAC market is competitive.  A well-designed, conversion-driven website with compelling content, strong visuals, and good calls-to-action is essential as many consumers search for a HVAC company online when they are in need of heating and cooling products and services.

Here are 5 ways your HVAC company’s website can generate more business:

1. Serve as a Virtual Salesperson

Your HVAC company’s website can serve as a virtual salesperson by providing key information on your products and services and the features and benefits of doing business with you.  The website can provide much of the information visitors need, enabling you to “close the deal” much easier and faster when they contact you.

2. Bring in New Customers

90% of consumers use search engines when making a purchasing decision. Having a website that is user-friendly and provides useful, relevant, up-to-date content will enable the site to rank higher in the search engines — for your target keywords in your target market — than websites that are not well maintained or haven’t been updated in years.

3. Make it Easy for Existing Customers to Find You

Many of your existing heating and cooling customers will use search engines when trying to locate your contact information.  Having a website that is optimized for your HVAC company’s name will ensure your customers find you easily and quickly.  Providing detailed product and service info on your site also enables your existing customers to learn about all of your company’s capabilities and helps to increase the opportunity for additional sales and business.

4. Stay in Front of Customers & be Top-of-Mind

A website is a great tool for staying in front of your customers.  Using a blog to publish useful relevant tips, articles, product info, and specials / rebate info on a regular basis keeps your company top-of-mind and positions you as the HVAC expert.  Using email marketing on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to drive customers to these blog posts on your website is also an effective and low-cost marketing tool that enables you to stay in front of customers.

5. Use Branding to Help Your Company Stand Apart from Competitors

Because the HVAC market is competitive, your company really needs to stand apart from your competitors online.  One way to do this is to brand your website (and all of your online marketing channels) so that your site has identifiable messaging and visuals.  When customers become familiar with a business because of its brand, they create positive associations with that business and can remember it more easily.

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