10 Elements that Belong on Your HVAC Website's Home Page

The home page of your website is essentially your HVAC company’s storefront and is often the first impression a potential customer has of your company. A strong, effective home page communicates clearly who you are and what you do, establishes trust, and convinces visitors of your authority and expertise.

Each of these 10 elements should be present on your HVAC website’s home page

1. Logo & Easy-to-Use Navigation

Good web design should include your company’s logo and an easy-to-use navigation menu so that users can find the information they need with minimal effort.

2. A Compelling Headline

A clear, compelling headline communicates your HVAC company’s purpose and presence so users will have a context for your website.

3. Features & Benefits

Providing a quick overview of your HVAC company’s key features and benefits (i.e. “2-Hour Response Time”, “We Service All Brands”, etc.) gives new visitors an overview of what you do and helps you to stand apart from your competitors.

4. Calls-to-Action

Whether you want visitors to your website to call your company, complete a quote request or schedule an appointment form, subscribe to your blog, sign-up for your email newsletter, or connect via social media sites,  effective calls-to-action are essential for driving visitors through the conversion funnel

5. Images or Video Content

High-quality images and videos illustrating what your company or products do can be powerful influencers when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.

6. Testimonials

For prospective customers, viewing positive testimonials from other customers can build trust and credibility, ultimately influencing their decision to hire you.

7. Achievements

Awards, certifications, affiliations and press are all excellent ways to tout your accomplishments and achievements. Not only does this make a good first impression on new clients, it can convince existing clients that you have the skill set to handle any additional HVAC needs.

8. Contact Info

Your key contact information should be displayed prominently (above the “fold) on the home page.

9. Email Newsletter Sign-up Box

If you send out an email newsletter, keeping subscribers up-to-date on the latest heating and cooling trends, rebate info, maintenance reminders, current specials, etc., make it easy for site visitors to opt into this newsletter. Place the newsletter sign-up link in a prominent position on your home page (and all interior pages), then include a call-to-action that tells visitors why they should subscribe.

10. Social Media Links

Many of your customers want to connect with you on social media to receive advance notice of promotions, deals, giveaways and new HVAC trends. Make this easy for them by including prominent social media links.

Don’t forget to optimize the home page for the search engines.

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