10 Ways to Increase Your Company's Engagement on Social Media

Most companies understand how important it is to be on social media. However, many underestimate the value of engagement. If you are just posting content and rarely taking the time to truly interact with your current and potential followers, you may be missing opportunities to engage. On the other hand, when you interact regularly with your target audience, you are building the relationships that can drive conversions and profits for your company.

Utilize These Strategies to Increase Your Company’s Social Media Engagement:

  1. Promote a variety of useful and relevant content (see types of high-quality content to post below).
  2. Create a “personality” and social media voice that comes off as human, rather than boring and dull. Use a conversational tone (use words like “we”, “our”). A little humor is always welcome.
  3. Be more “social” — engage with followers, respond to comments, ask questions, show interest in them (rather than just broadcasting your message).
  4. Tell stories that appeal to emotion and spark conversation.
  5. Share other people’s and your followers’ content with your audience.
  6. Engage with your followers’ by liking THEIR posts and leaving comments.
  7. Use relevant and trending hashtags.
  8. Actively follow / invite customers, prospects, and thought leaders to connect (Remember: it’s not just how many followers you have, but how many followers your followers have). Pay attention to the types of content they like and share.
  9. Utilize polls and surveys, and ask for feedback.
  10. Run contests and giveaways.

90% of marketers consider social media marketing to be important to their overall marketing strategy. 78% of them admit that it has been the most effective marketing channel for their brands.

Source: Buffer

Types of High-Quality Content to Post:

  • Awards
  • Behind the Scenes Photos / Info
  • Blog Posts
  • Careers / Available Position(s)
  • Charity Info
  • Client Testimonial
  • Community Involvement
  • Company News / Announcement
  • Contests
  • Corporate Culture (pics of company BBQ, dress-up / down day, funny things that happen in the office)
  • CTA
  • Deals / New Project Announcements
  • Educational Content
  • E-Newsletter
  • Employee Spotlight
  • Expressions of Gratitude to Existing & New Customers / Followers
  • FAQs
  • Featured Project / Job
  • Guest Posts
  • Good News About Others (Clients, Football Team, Etc.)
  • Holiday / Timely Post
  • Interesting Statistics
  • Industry News
  • Lead Generation Offers
  • New Product or Service Announcement
  • Non-Profit Info
  • On the Job / Out in the Field
  • Question
  • Relevant Inspirational / Funny Quote
  • Share News / Others Posts
  • Specials & Promotions
  • Staff Quotes
  • Success Stories
  • Tip / How to Info
  • Tools / Products / Brands You Use & Love
  • Vendor, Partner, Employee Highlights & News

Engagement Metrics – What to Measure:

  • How many website visitors are you getting from social media?
  • Number / growth of followers / likes / connections / etc.
  • Reach
  • Which posts are getting the most clicks,shares, comments
  • Weekly engagement
  • Organic reach vs. paid reach
  • Clicks, new leads from social media, conversions

Working to increase social media engagement is an ongoing commitment. You will need to spend time getting to know your audience and then spend time with them every day. Use analytics to see what efforts get you the best results and dedicate your time to the tasks that help increase your social media engagement the most.

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