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Is Pinterest Right for Your Business?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, the online pinboard,  launched in 2010 and has been the fastest growing social media site to date. The site has attracted 15% of Internet users to its virtual scrapbooking site and has grown faster than any other independent website in history.

80% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins. With other social media, an update typically stops with your follower base. But followers are only the beginning of potential reach on Pinterest because of re-pinning. With re-pins, a single pin can bounce around repeatedly on Pinterest, multiplying reach, clicks and sales.

While Pinterest is primarily a site where users can save, upload, sort, and manage inspiring images and video. It is also a place where people discover and save things they want to read.  In fact, more than five million articles are pinned each day.

The idea of the company was to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” While animals, travel, weddings, food, fashion, and home & garden are the most popular categories on Pinterest, many companies in non-related industries are using Pinterest as a part of their online marketing strategy.

So is Pinterest Right for Your Business?

Here are five questions to consider:

1. Is Your Business Visual?

If you own a landscaping or home remodeling company, Pinterest is a natural fit for you.  If you are a HVAC company, your knee-jerk response may be that it’s not a good fit.  However, if given more thought, it still may be worth pursuing.  While photos of furnaces and water heaters may not garner much interest on Pinterest, photos of beautiful living spaces emphasizing indoor air quality might.  Your pins don’t have to be your specific products.  They just need to be related in some way.

2. Do You Have Access to Images?

You  need to have images to pin in order to promote your content on Pinterest.  These images can be taken by you, stock images, graphics created by you, or professionally taken photography.  Professional images typically perform the best on Pinterest since the site is so aesthetically driven.  However, using a smart phone with a photo filter app can produce some amazing results and photos.

3. Is Your Target Market Primarily Female?

Women are approximately five times more likely to use Pinterest than men.  These women are typically 18-49 years old, well-educated, and have higher incomes*.  If this is in line with your company’s target audience and demographics, Pinterest should be considered as part of your online marketing strategy.

4. Do You Have a Website that is Easy to Update with Images & Content?

Utilizing a blog and creating posts with images and content is the easiest way to provide content for your Pinterest boards.  Ideally, the photos should be paired with relevant and useful content that pertains to your company, products, services, or expertise.  Another good resource for Pinterest boards is photo galleries on your website. Make sure to make it easy for visitors on your site to pin your content and photos by providing a “Pin” button with each blog post and photo.

5. Is Pinterest Already Driving Traffic to Your Site?

Look at your site’s analytics.  You might be surprised to find that Pinterest is already driving traffic to your website.  If so, this is a good indication that Pinterest is a platform you should consider investing your time on. Resources: