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How to Set-up a Custom Username for Your Facebook Page

When you first create a Facebook page for your business, the url is long and ugly.  It typically looks like this…

Custom usernames allow businesses to promote their presence on Facebook by providing a short, easy to remember, url.  Once you have 25 or more “Likes” on your page, you are eligible to customize the url.  This url can be shared across each marketing channel, and featured in all marketing materials.

How to Set-up a Custom Username:

  1. Login to your Facebook page.
  2. Go to
  3. You may be asked to verify your Facebook account.  Do so by entering your mobile number and request either a text or call with the confirmation code.
  4. Once the account has been verified, type in your desired username.  The username cannot have any spaces or characters other than letters and numbers. A common way to break-up multiple words is to capitalize the first letter of each word (the username will not be case sensitive, however).
  5. With the desired username entered, click on “Check Availability”.  If the username is available, you will see the following screen:
  6. Click on “Confirm”, and your new Facebook username will take effect immediately.

That’s all there is to it! Now, you can easily share and promote the Facebook page and new username across all of your company’s marketing channels and in all marketing materials (website, brochures, ads, business cards, etc.)