Our Web Design Process

We have developed a streamlined 4-phase project management system and implement this process on each new web design project to ensure your new website and web marketing tools are of the highest quality, and are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Phase 1: Plan

  • Extensive Needs Analysis, Competitor Research & Goal Identification
  • Strategic Web Planning
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Detailed Proposal Created

Once Proposal is Accepted…

  • Project Timeline, Scope & Calendar Established
  • List of Items Needed & Content Workbook Sent to Client
  • All Accounts Created (Hosting, Email Marketing, Social Media, Etc.)
  • Requirements Sent to Copywriter (If this Service is Desired)

Phase 2: Create

  • Content Workbook Completed
  • Brand & Design Guidelines Established
  • New Logo Designed (if Needed)
  • Wireframes Created
  • Home Page & Interior Page(s) Specs Created

Once Designs are Accepted…

  • Design Converted to CSS / HTML & Site Created
  • Website(s) Set-up; All Pages Created & Linked; Site Functionality Set-up
  • All Content Placed
  • Email Marketing Template & Social Media Profiles Created

Phase 1: Launch

  • Each Page of the Site Optimized for Search Engines
  • Extensive Website Testing
  • Website Published!
  • Client Training Session (In Person & Written Step-by-Step Instructions Provided)
  • Project Wrap-up

Phase 1: Measure

  • Monitor & Measure Results
  • Provide Resources & Tools for Online Marketing Strategies & Success.
  • Monitor Environment for Opportunities & Communicate with Client on an Ongoing Basis

Typical Project Timeline:

Phase 1:  1-2 weeks
Phase 2:  1-3 weeks
Phase 3:  1-3 weeks

Total Time to Completion:  3-8 weeks

Phase 4:  Ongoing