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How to Use Google Analytics as a B2B Lead Generation Tool

How to Use Google Analytics as a B2B Lead Generation ToolGoogle Analytics is a free service provided by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.  It’s the most widely used website statistics tool and can be set-up by placing a small piece of code on each page of a website.

Using Google Analytics as a B2B Lead Generation Tool

While many website owners are familiar with Google Analytics’ ability to provide statistics on the number of visitors, time spent on the site, average number of pages viewed, bounce rate, unique and returning visitors, goals achieved, etc., there is a not-so-known feature that provides information on companies who have visited the website as well.

While you cannot view company names for all of your visitors, you can see a company name if the visitor is coming from a network that uses a branded alias or uses their own network.  This information can be used to determine potential leads for B2B companies.

How to View the Companies Who Have Visited the Website

  1. Login to Google Analytics by going to and select your website to enter the dashboard.
  2. Under “Audience”, click on “Technology”.
  3. Under “Technology”, click on “Network”.

The primary dimension, by default, is set to “Service Provider”.  If a company is using a branded alias or is connecting through their own network, they should appear in this list.

Changing the “Secondary dimension” to “Content”, “Technology”, “Traffic Sources”, or “Visitors” and choosing dimensions within these categories will enable you to filter down into the information.

For example, changing the secondary dimension to  “Medium” as a secondary dimension will show companies who visited the site using organic keywords, email, referral (links from another website), or Google Adwords (CPC) campaigns.

Take it a step further by employing the advanced filters, and you will be able to weed out and drill down to find key lead info.  For example, you can change the secondary dimension to “Country / Territory” and then create a filter to show only those companies who spent an average of 3 minutes on the site and looked at a minimum of 3 web pages.  Utilizing these filters will help you determine the visitors’ level of interest and the likelihood of them becoming high quality leads.