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eBook: 8 Tactics to Increase Website Traffic, Leads & Conversions

Increasing traffic, leads and conversions on a website is not difficult.  This eBook lays out eight fundamental tactics each business should be employing.  Each of these on their own will help to increase the success of your website, however, when combined together, the ability to increase your website’s traffic, leads and conversions will grow exponentially.

The eBook will Show You how to Utilize the Following 8 Tactics to Increase Website Traffic, Leads & Conversions:

  1. Design & Develop A Visually Appealing Website Design
  2. Use Compelling, User-Focused Content
  3. Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Make Sure Your Site Works Well on Multiple Devices
  5. Use Strong Calls to Action
  6. Publish New Pages & Blog Posts on a Regular Basis
  7. Use Social Media & Integrate it Into Your Site
  8. Utilize Email Marketing

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